Graduate Students
Derek Williams (2017)

formulation technical manager

Nephron Pharamceuticals

Allison Rice (2018)

postdoctoral fellow

Wake Forest University

Brandon Yarbrough (2019)

chemistry laboratory coordinator

Claflin University

Ekaterina Dolgopolova (2019)

postdoctoral research fellow

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Otega Ejegbavwo (2020)

TD module and integration yield engineer


Undergraduate Students
Adrian Hines

chemistry graduate student

University of South Carolina

Andrei Palukoshka

graduate student

Clemson University

Ben Krolewicz

furniture salesman

Roundabounts, Inc.

Charles Buck III

dental student

MUSC College of Dental Medicine

Charles Potts

assistant project manager

Adams Electric Company

Christopher Friendly

medical student

MUSC College of Medicine

Danielle Godfrey

medical student

The University of South Carolina

School of Medicine, Greenville

Don Stedham

graduate school applicant

Evgeniya Ermolaeva

veterinary student

The University of Georgia

College of Veterinary Medicine

Haley Gregory

R&D/manufacturing scientist

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Jae Oree

 English Program in Korea applicant

Jake Kirkland

medical student

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

 School of Medicine

Joseph Rietman

graduate student

Indiana University

Kassandra Solsrud

medical student

Wayne State University School of Medicine

Katherine Stein

owner/service manager

Greenwrench Automotive Repair

Kevin Morrill

medical school applicant

Kristen Urban

dental student

Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Lauren Strothers



Micah McIlhenny

graduate student

The University of South Carolina

Myles Keener

medical student

The University of Toledo

College of Medicine and Life Sciences

Natalie Sult


CVS Pharmacy

Paul Melchiorre

dental student

Temple University

Maurice H. Kornberg School of Dentistry 

Rebecca Heugh

graduate school applicant

Sam Evans

Bredesen Center Fellow

Oakwood National Laboratory

Thomas Moore

polymer research department 

Zeus Industrial Products

Thomas Wilson

innovation chemist

Elkem Silicones

William Morris

metals analyst

Pace Analytical

William Ulewicz

quality control scientist

Thermo Fisher Scientific

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