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The current interests of the Shustova group include graphitic hybrid materials for sustainable energy conversion, heterogeneous catalysis, sensors, stimuli-responsive materials, chemistry of f-elements, and biomimetic systems.


Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award, The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Russell Research Award

IAS Hans Fischer Fellowship

Camille Dreyfus Teaching-Scholar Award

Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship

Cottrell Scholar Award

Breakthrough Research Award

McCausland Fellowship

Distinguished Undergraduate Research Mentor Award

Scialog Fellow

NSF Career Award


MIT Infinite Kilometer Postdoctoral Award 

MIT/Bruker Symposium Poster Award

Graduate Teaching Assistant Award, Colorado State University

XIX International Symposium on Fluorine Chemistry Poster Award

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Scholarship

ECS Poster Award

Herbert H. Uhlig ECS Summer Fellowship

ECS Solid-State Science and Technology Poster Award

AWIS Educational Foundation Citation of Merit

International J. Soros Science Education Program Fellowship

Euler Student Fellowship

V.F. Luginin Research Award, Moscow State University

International Student Conference (first prize), Moscow State University

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