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Graphitic hybrid materials 

from design to application



Latest News from the Shustova Lab

Thank you to Chemical Physics Reviews for selecting our paper "Switching in Harmony: Tailoring the Properties of Functional Materials with Orthogonal Stimuli" as a Featured Article! Great work team!
Congratulations to Grace and Buddhima for leading the Chemical Physics Reviews papers, which focus on tailoring the properties of functional materials with orthogonal stimuli! A New Year's gift is on the way!
Congratulations to our undergraduate researcher, Katie, on receiving the UREP award! We are excited to see your collaboration with Grace. This is wonderful news to start the New Year!
Congratulations to our amazing leader and advisor, Natalia, who received the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award! It’s great to start the holiday with these amazing gifts!
Congratulations to our undergraduate researcher, Virginia, and her mentor, Grace, on receiving the prestigious Magellan Award!
Congratulations to Grace and the team on breaking the photoswitch speed limit, as published in Nature Communications! This is an amazing achievement! We are truly grateful to all our collaborators for their invaluable contributions! Thank you!
Congratulations to Kyoungchul, Buddhima, and Grace on their great presentations at the NC Photochem Symposium! Double congratulations to Grace, who received the Best Poster Award!
Congratulations to Buddhima and Kyoungchul for being selected to receive travel grants from USC! Great job!
Congratulations to Grace and Buddhima with the amazing presentations at the 2023 Early Career Poster Session! Double congratulations to Grace who was selected as a winner!
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We are hiring! We are currently looking for a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow with a strong publication record to join the Shustova lab. Interested applicants work will focus on the design of porous and graphitic materials. Email Prof. Shustova for more information.
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