Graphitic hybrid materials 

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Latest News from the Shustova Lab

Congratulations to Corey and the team on the recent publication of heterometallic actinide-containing photoresponsive MOFs in Angewandte Chemie !

Excellent job Corey and Gaby for both receiving prestigious SPARC Grants!

Natalia was interviewed about her 15 years of work on covalent-organic frameworks by Nature Communications!

Congratulations to Corey and the team on their review being accepted into Nano Research!

The Shustova group received the DOE funding to continue research in actinide chemistry. Thank you, DOE!

Congratulations to Dr. Chen and the Shustova group on their bimetallic MOF films paper being accepted to Langmuir!

Our heterometallic MOF paper has been accepted into Chemical Science! Congratulations Otega, Anya, the team, and our fantastic collaborators on all of the hard work!

Cheers to Otega, Anna, and Dr. Phillpot's group for their paper in Computational Materials Science! Excellent work!

Congratulations to Otega on being selected as the recipient for the International Student Achievement Award! You are amazing!

Cheers to Dr. Shustova for winning the impressive Hans Fischer Fellowship! :)

Congratulations to Dr. Otega Ejegbavwo on successfully defending her thesis and received her Ph.D!

Congratulations to our amazing undergraduate student, Micah McIlhenny, on winning the ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry Undergraduate Award!

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